Pebbles operate a key person system, as outlined in the statutory guidance 3.27. We ensure that all children are assigned a key person when they join our pre-school.

The key persons role is an important one in forming positive relationships and attachments with a child to help them become settled, to be sensitive to their needs and to tune into their interests. The Key person ensures each child’s care and learning is tailored to meet their individual needs. The key person is also important in working with the parents/carers, they are the primary contact with regards to sharing information on their child’s progress and to help guide and support them when needed.

Pebbles inform the parents/carers of their child key person prior to their start date and before their child’s home visit. The role of the key person is made clear to the parent/carer, including their responsibility of meeting their child’s physical care too, such as helping with nappy changing, toileting and dressing.

The key person is responsible for keeping informed observations, examples of the child’s own words and work and photographs, which forms their ‘learning journal’ and covers all areas of the EYFS. The Key person is responsible for the child’s next steps in their learning and development.

They Key person will ‘assess’ the child at key times throughout the academic year (6 weeks, termly, 2 year checks where appropriate, transfers etc.) in the Prime Areas and Specific areas (age appropriate) The Key person is responsible for sharing information on a child’s progress with their parent/carer throughout the year.

Pebbles also operate a second key person policy, the second key person will also get to know the child and their parents/cares and can ‘step in’ if the child’s primary key person is absent. Parents and carers are also made aware of their child’s second key person.

Each Key person at pebbles is responsible for a small group of children who attend the pre-school.

Updated by the Deputy Manager August 2016