Pebbles Pre-School is committed to providing reliable, top quality nursery provision for our children and families, however under extreme circumstances it may be that we are unable to open for a session.

Such unexpected closures will only happen exceptionally, when there is no means of having enough staff on site to run the Nursery effectively or other extreme conditions which affect the nursery building. In the event of the Nursery having to close the following will be attempted, in order of importance:

  • The Manager will put up a notice on the main entrance gate of the Nursery itself, and record a message for the school answer phone.
  • The Manager and Deputy will have the up-to-date phone list of all parents and will attempt to contact parents between them.
  • After the event, once the Nursery is open again, a brief email and letter will be sent out with a brief apology for the closure, explaining why the circumstances were exceptional and reassuring parents that this is not going to be a regular event.