Our policy is based on the information, consultation and guidance issued by LBRUT, further consultations may result in changes, at which time we may review our policy. It is our intention to deliver the Early Education Funding in the way in which LBRUT intends, but also to ensure the future sustainability of our nursery.

Childcare providers offering free childcare places include those run by the local authority. Pebbles Pre-School is a privately run nursery and we strive to provide excellent care, resources and qualified staff to best support your child. The entitlement we receive from the government does not meet the costs of running our nursery therefore we offer longer sessions and the charges for the extra time will be shown on your invoice to help us fund these.

3-4 Year Old Funding

Funding is currently available for a maximum of 3 hours a day/15 hours a week over 38 weeks (term time) the term after the child’s 3rd birthday. Funding is claimed by and paid directly to the Pre-School from the local authority.

2 Year Old Funding

This is an eligibility based funding for up to 570 hours of free childcare a year effective from the term after the child’s 2nd birthday. Applications for 2 year old funding are made via the local authority and places can only be allocated once eligibility has been confirmed. Eligibility is confirmed by the local authority and then claimed and paid directly to the provider. Please see the notice board for eligibility.

If you are eligible for a fully funded place there is no registration fee, please advise the Manager when applying if you think you will eligible.

Parents are required to sign form the amount of hours they wish to claim for during the designated headcount week (Parent Declaration Form) this will be emailed to you from the nursery Manager. Failure to adhere to the timescale may have their funding declined.

Delivery & Charges

Pebbles Pre-School is open from 9.30-12.40 (1.40 if your child stays for lunch) 4 mornings a week for 36 weeks, funding is accessed as part of a longer session therefore extra time after 3 hours is chargeable and shown on your invoice.

If your child starts Pebbles Pre-School after the headcount day set by the local authority they may not be eligible for funding for that term and you will be charged for all the hours your child attends until the beginning of the next term., if a child leaves after the headcount day the funding will remain with Pebbles Pre-School and allocated to a child whom funding is unavailable.

If your child attends the setting in the term they start school or a school nursery the funding will be allocated to the school via the school census, therefore we are unable to claim EEF and any sessions will be chargeable.

Queries & Complaints

If you have any queries or complaints regarding the delivery of the funded please firstly speak to the Manager, however if you feel your issues are unresolved you can contact Achieving for Children early years team at early.years@achieveingforchildren.org.uk