At Pebbles Pre-School we believe good behaviour is essential to learning. We believe that children flourish in an environment in which they know what is expected of them. We aim to establish an environment in which children can develop self-discipline and self-esteem in an atmosphere of mutual respect and encouragement. We believe it is the role of staff to develop and promote an environment which teaches and reinforces good behaviour.

All children are respected and valued without discrimination. At Pebbles Pre-School, we are committed to a partnership approach with parents, working closely together to foster a consistent approach to positive behaviour.

To develop our policy we have a named Good Behaviour Officer, and have talked to groups of children about good behaviour and what sort of behaviour they do not like. Children like school best when their friends are kind to them, take turns and share fairly. They do not like rough games or children snatching, shouting at them crossly or “being mean.” We have ensured that we have included this in our Good Behaviour Policy.

We encourage good behaviour in the following ways:

  • Appropriate use of language
  • Positive adult role models
  • Encouraging good relationships between children
  • Partnership with parents/other services

Appropriate use of language

  • Staff will never shout or raise their voice in a threatening way.
  • Staff at Pebbles Pre-School talk with children about appropriate behaviour reinforcing positively the appropriate behaviour e.g. “We walk inside”, in a way that is appropriate to their age and stage of development and understanding.
  • Staff at Pebbles Pre-School refer to the behaviour and do not label the child “Can you see that your friend is upset if you take the train from them?” (We don’t say, “You’re naughty.”)
  • Staff at Pebbles Pre-School work with children to identify and name their emotions and other children’s emotions, “I can see you’re feeling sad.”
  • Staff at Pebbles Pre-School will provide positive role models for the children in terms of courtesy and politeness.
  • Staff at Pebbles Pre-School encourage good relationships between children, endorsing desirable behaviour such as willingness to share.

Positive adult role models

  • It is the staff’s responsibility to set clear expectations and standards of behaviour to enable the children to feel secure at school and to promote a consistent approach
  • Students, supply staff and parent helpers who work with staff will be supported as necessary to ensure a consistent approach to behaviour.
  • Staff at Pebbles Pre-School will ignore unwanted behaviour, if safe to do so, highlighting the appropriate behaviour and distracting the child when necessary.
  • We will ensure that the children receive the necessary level of adult attention to ensure good behaviour is maintained.
  • Actual or the threat of physical punishments such as smacking is unacceptable, and have no part of life at Pebbles Pre-School.

Encouraging good relationships between children

  • Staff at Pebbles Pre-School encourage children to support one another.
  • Staff at Pebbles Pre-School encourage children to respect each other and so develop a positive self-esteem
  • Children are supported in developing self-discipline and being responsible for their actions. If appropriate children may benefit from a cuddle or time to think about their actions.
  • We promote children’s self-esteem through praising positive behaviour.

Partnership with parents and other services

  • Pebbles Pre-School staff liaises closely with parents to establish consistent approaches to encourage positive behaviour.
  • Staff at Pebbles Pre-School will be made aware that occasionally some patterns of behaviour may arise from a child’s special needs.
  • Where necessary, staff will liaise with other services e.g. Health and Social Services, to establish consistent approaches to encourage positive behaviour.
  • We will give parents the opportunity to discuss their child’s behaviour at the earliest opportunity.
  • Recurring incidents of inappropriate behaviour will be tackled by the whole staff team in partnership with the parents using objective observation records to understand the cause.
  • In exceptional circumstances, advice and support from other professionals e.g. educational psychologists, may be necessary to work effectively with a child and their parents/carers. In such situations a child may have an individual behaviour plan, specifying their needs and targets to improve their behaviour.
  • We will provide information to all parents on specific behaviour issues and will do through our weekly newsletter.