Introducing Our Committed and Experienced Team

  • Our Team are knowledgeable and passionate about early years education.
  • Our Team aims to regularly enjoy online training and onsite training to continually develop themselves and improve their skills (in areas such as SafeGuarding and Child Development & Communication in Early Years).
  • Our Team have a thorough understanding of how young children learn and develop: early communication, positive relationships and confidence and the ability to make healthy choices.
  • Children at Pebbles are supported by their Key Person but we feel that it is also important that our whole team get to know each child within the nursery and are able to encourage and support them during adult led and child initiated activities: learning how to share resources, join in activities and make decisions.
  • At Pebbles, we offer our children a wide range of resources to ensure to stimulate, as well as extend children’s experiences and provide activities that are well matched to your child’s needs. We organise children’s learning and their experiences carefully, so that they learn new skills and concepts step by step.
  • At Pebbles our Team strive to offer an exciting and rich curriculum to enable the children to make great progress in developing their skills, knowledge and understanding across all areas of learning.
  • Pebbles Pre-School is a fully inclusive nursery and it is important to us that every child attending our Nursery should feel welcomed, is happy and safe and that their individual needs are met.

We have a great amount of experience working with children who have special educational needs and disabilities. At Pebbles every child is supported so that they progress educationally, emotionally and physically.