We encourage all children to come into nursery and to find their name/picture to place up on our self- registration board. In the first term we ask you to support your child to do this, but now the children know the routine and for those children who need to get school ready, we would like all children to enter nursery on their own, where they will be welcomed by the team and encouraged to place fruit in the bowl and register. This is an important step in gaining confidence and independence. Please say goodbye to your child in the cloakroom and guide them to the main doors of the nursery. This may not go smoothly for all to start with, but please ask a member of the team to help and please stick to this routine, all children will get to know the new routine very quickly. We are always here to support them (and you)

Parent/Carers Helpers

The children have really enjoyed having Parents and Grandparents in last term to help out in nursery. We hope you have also enjoyed coming in to see what the children get up to when they are at Pebbles. We are continuing the rota this term. You can come in at times that are convenient to you and if you wish to do something special, such as reading at circle time please speak to your key person to arrange. A timetable will be displayed in the nursery entrance, please add your child’s name with yours on the date/time you can come in. We welcome everyone into the nursery, including Dads.

The children enjoy Parents and Carers coming into the nursery, it gives them a sense of pride and they enjoy sharing what they do and their friends with family members. Please speak Sue or Katie about helping out. (Sorry no younger siblings, as it can distract)

Show and Tell

We have noticed that children are bringing in toys from home, we recommend that you encourgae your child to leave their valuables with you when they start the session, however we recognise that children often bring in toys simply to show them off to their friends or practitioners. With this in mind we would like to introduce ‘ Show and tell’ These days will be on a MONDAY or Friday only. Children can bring in something of interst to show at circle time. We will ask the children to store their items on a show and tell table throughout the session.

WOW Wall

Please continue to note down any achievements your child has made outside nursery for our WOW Wall. The children take great pride sharing their WOW moments with their nursery friends at circle time. These notes can be anything your child/you feel proud to share. WOW moments are also used for your children’s learning journals and give you a ‘voice’ in their learning journey. Some WOW’s may also result in us planning special activities in nursery linked to a child’s achievements and interests at home.

Charlie Bear

Our nursery bear, Charlie will continue to visit your child throughout this term. Please add in photos and a diary entry of his visit and what he did with your child. We are now seeing more children gaining confidence to stand up and talk about what they have done with Charlie on their own!

Nursery Helpers

Last term we introduced Nursery helpers to our daily routine. All children get a turn, they get snack ready and cut up the fruit. They lead tidy up time and are the line leaders during the morning. We will be introducing ‘weather monitors’ and ‘safety officers’ to the daily helpers list. The children enjoy helping out and being part of their nursery. Please talk to your child about what they did at nursery when they come home with their helper sticker.

Suitable Clothing

Although we don’t have a uniform policy, it is important that all children come into nursery with the appropriate clothing (which you don’t mind them getting messy)
We suggest your child has the following:

  • Waterproof coat
  • Waterproof trousers
  • Wellington boots
  • Jumper
  • Hat, gloves and a scarf
  • Spare change of clothing
  • Nappies or pull-ups

We also encourage you not dress your child in fancy dress outfits and please please make sure your child can independently get out of their clothing for toileting. We will arrange dress up days for your child to show off that special costume! Tbc

We do have some spare clothing, but it is limited and if your child does go home in nursery clothes, can you please wash them and bring them back in for the next session.

Notice Board

Please read the notice boards as they are regularly updated, including the boards inside nursery where you will find information such as Safeguarding etc. If you have anything that you would like to place on the board please see Sue or Katie.

Pebbles are very much a part of the community and any items that promote local events etc. we are happy to display.

Parent Feedback forms

We value any feedback, comments and suggestions regarding our nursery. Please use the forms provided in the toilet area. We aim to use any information provided by you to improve and shape our nursery and learning environment. This helps us to meet the needs of everyone who use Pebbles.

Change of Detail forms

Also in the toilet area you will find a ‘change of detail’ form. Please use this to inform us of any changes in your details including mobile phone numbers and emails. Pebbles must have up to date contact information in case we need to get hold of you in an emergency. This is a statutory requirement.

Snack Time

Please continue to bring in a piece of fruit or uncooked veg, like carrots and cucumber for the children to share at fruit time. If possible please being in more unusual fruits for the children to try, the children especially enjoy these rather than apples. Fruit time is for approx. one hour and the children choose when they would like to have a snack & drink this has proved successful, making the children more independent, making decisions for themselves. There is water available or the children to drink at all times and milk provided at snack time.

Learning Journals

We keep observations and photographs over the year in your child’s learning journal. You can look at your child’s learning journals at any time, please ask your keyperson for details.

Pebbles Pre-School use the EYFS document to help move your child on, there is a parent friendly version, which can be found here >

Junk Modelling

Please bring in your recycled items for junk modelling; we use a stack of it!! (No egg boxes, boxes containing nuts & toilet rolls.)

Newspaper, unwanted jewellery and beads are also good.

Safeguarding Children at Pebbles

The safe guarding and welfare requirements are to help providers take all necessary steps to keep children safe and well “Children learn best when they are healthy, safe and secure, when their individual needs are met, and when they have positive relationships with the adults caring form” (EYFS 2012)

Should we be alerted to any issues of concerns in a child’s life we will follow our safeguarding policy and contact the relevant agency for advice and support. If you have any concerns you would like to discuss with someone, Katie and Lesley are the safeguarding leads for
Pebbles or contact the local authority (SPA) number below.

Please take a few moments to read our new Safeguarding notice board filled with up to date information and procedures followed by the nursery to ensure your child is safe, including information on the government guideline to ‘ Prevent Duty’

The SPA (Single point of access) contact is in place in the Richmond borough and is designed for anyone to use, so if you are concerned about a child or young person (0-18) contact SPA on 0208 891 7969, the trained team are all qualified professional who can offer advice and inform relevant departments of any issues.

For more information on child protection in the borough, please look at the LSCB (Local Safeguarding Children’s board) here >

Mobile phone-free zone

Pebbles is a mobile phone-free zone. Most mobile phones have cameras etc. so I am sure you will understand and will respect our policy surrounding phones. Please avoid the
embarrassment of a member of staff having to ask you not to use your phone.

Toilet use

If parents/carer needs to use the toilet please ask a staff member first who will check the area is not occupied. The staff member will stay in the area until you leave.


We have a member of staff at the door at the beginning and end of the session, however if you leave after they have locked the door please ask a member of staff to let you out.

Nut-free zone

We have several children who have allergies, with this in mind Pebbles aims to be a nut-free zone, could we ask for your cooperation in ensuring Pebbles is as safe as possible for all the children in our care when bringing in a lunch box or treats for a birthday please don’t bring in products which contain nuts or traces of nuts, such as Nutella.

Medicine/accidents at home

It is vital that we are informed of any medicines administered at home or accidents that occurred outside of pebbles, this ensures we don’t overdose on any medication, forms are in the cloakrooms please make sure you fill one in with as much detail of the accident/medicine as possible and hand to Sue or your Keyworker.

First Aiders

Our first aiders are trained by the workforce development agency in Richmond and Kingston and are updated regularly. The first aiders at Pebbles are Sue, Julia and Katie

Complaints procedure

If you feel unhappy or have a complaint against the setting or a member of staff please come and talk to Sue if however you feel you need to take it further you can contact Early Years Complaints Helpline on 0300 123 1231 or email Ofsted


Children settle best when they have a key person to relate to and who can meet their individual needs. The Keyperson is also the family’s main contact if you have any queries, concerns or if you just need a chat. We also have a second keyperson system, so if your keyperson is away there is always a member of staff who can support your child/you.