Our Philosophy

At Pebbles Preschool the focus is on play which is key to providing a nurturing, safe place to flourish. This philosophy is underpinned by three interlocking core values: respect; exploration and confidence.

We believe respect is developed by learning to play together, by sharing, taking turns and understanding our differences.

We believe exploration through play provides a rich, enabling environment to inspire learning, through carefully planned and child-initiated activities.

We believe a child’s confidence is nurtured through positive relationships between children and staff, and with their parents and carers.

To achieve these values each child has a carefully assigned key person who creates an environment in which each child is confident their voice is heard.

We use the EYFS to underpin our curriculum with an emphasis on PSED ensuring children feel safe and nurtured.

We encourage physical play having a dance class and playball once a week as well as a large garden for children to explore.